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Member pays the cost of the drug or the copayment, whichever is less. If a member requests a brand-name drug when a generic is available, the member pays the generic copayment plus the difference in the cost of the drugs.

There are certain medications that MCHCP covers at 100%, when accompanied by a prescription and filled at a network pharmacy. For more information, see Preventive Services.

For HSA Plan members, there are certain medications that are permitted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in Notice 2019-45 and selected by the plan that are not subject to the deductible when filled at a network pharmacy. Applicable coinsurance will apply. ESI’s list of examples of medications that may be covered prior to the deductible being met is available here, 2024 CDH Preventive Medications. This list provides examples of commonly prescribed preventive medications. It is not an all-inclusive list and can change throughout the year. If you have a question about a drug you take, please call ESI.

Note: 32- to 60-day and 61- to 90-day supplies may not be available at all retail locations.

To fill prescriptions at a non-network pharmacy on HSA Plan or PPO Plans...

To fill prescriptions at a non-network pharmacy on HSA Plan or PPO Plans...

Members must pay the full price of the prescription and file a completed claim form with ESI within 365 days of the incurred expense. Members are reimbursed the network discounted amount, less the applicable copayment or coinsurance.

Attach a prescription receipt or label from the pharmacy to the claim form. Patient history printouts from the pharmacy are acceptable, but must be signed by the pharmacist. Cash register receipts are acceptable only for diabetic supplies.

Description HSA Plan PPO Plans
Specialty (up to 31-day supply) HSA Plan PPO Plans $75 through Accredo
Prescription Out-of-Pocket Maximum Network — Individual
Network — Family
HSA Plan
Combined with medical
Combined with medical
Combined with medical
PPO Plans
Network (Individual) — $4,150
Network (Family) — $8,300
Non-Network — No maximum

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