2014 Health Savings Account (HSA)

Annual Contribution Limits

Contributions Subscriber Only Subscriber/Spouse, Subscriber/Child(ren)
or Subscriber/Family
IRS Contribution Limit $3,300 $6,550
IRS Contribution Limit
(age 55 and older)
$4,300 $7,550
MCHCP Contribution (active employee subscribers only) $300* $600*
Active subscribers may contribute $3,000** $5,950
Active subscribers may contribute
(age 55 and older)
$4,000 $6,950
  • You can make your contributions to the HSA by payroll deduction, mail or by setting up an account transfer. Active employees may make pre-tax contributions via payroll deduction through MOCafe. Keep all of your receipts for tax purposes.
  • The deadline for contributions is the same as your tax filing deadline excluding extensions. For most individuals, this is April 15.
  • The IRS family contribution limit is based on your family as reported to the IRS on your federal tax return and applies regardless of whether two employees are married and eligible for the HSA. For example, if one employee is covering a dependent and the other employee is covered as subscriber-only, the maximum contribution for the entire family is $6,550.

*Half of MCHCP’s contribution is deposited into member HSAs on the Friday after the first Thursday of January and July. Contributions are prorated for members who enroll in the HDHP during the plan year. The maximum contribution MCHCP will make for any family is $600. MCHCP will make a $300 contribution to each spouse to total $600.

**If you make HSA contributions via payroll deduction, the funds will be deposited in your HSA on the same day your payroll is deposited, or the next business day.